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  • Gourmet Tour - North Italy
    Gourmet Tour - North Italy

    A tour of Italy also means good cooking and good drinking. The itinerary alternates towns and small centres far from mass tourism, medieval villages and relaxing landscapes, to discover Italian culture and the regional traditions, through the gastronomic products of the territory. You start from Piedmont that has given roots to the Slow Food movement and is the land of ...

    9 days. from 2,407 €
  • Italy's Pearls 8 days
    Italy's Pearls 8 days

    Italy is so rich in artistic and landscape beauties that it is difficult to decide where to begin from. For your first trip to Italy, we propose three cities of art that the whole world envies: Rome, Florence and Venice. You will admire the majesty of St. Peter’s in Rome, the beauty of the medieval and Renaissance architecture in ...

    8 days. from 1,538 €
  • Italy's Pearls 10 Days
    Italy's Pearls 10 Days

    Besides the three most important cities of art in Italy - Rome, Florence and Venice - this tour adds some stopovers in the artistic and cultural heart of Italy, among small villages and towns that preserve the charm of the past and offer innumerable gastronomic temptations, also for the most demanding palates. A stop off for shopping along the itinerary.

    10 days. from 2,600 €
  • Italy's Pearls 15 Days
    Italy's Pearls 15 Days

    A complete tour of Italy from South to North, from the beauty of nature to the uniqueness of the artistic treasures, from the tranquillity of the tiny villages to the chaos of the large cities, from the exclusive boutiques of the most fashionable designers to the handicraft shops of the artisans who process their raw materials using ancient traditions, from ...

    15 days. from 3,550 €
  • The paths of wine, art and luxury - Tuscany
    The paths of wine, art and luxury - Tuscany

    You will recognise the Tuscan hills:  they are the background to the paintings that made the Renaissance so grand.  Hills dotted with rows of cypresses which follow the road towards the centuries-old villas, hills dominated by villages nestled among towers and castles, hills interspersed by steaming hot spas, by astounding moonscapes, by rows of grapevines and by contemporary works of ...

    6 days. from 1,474 €
  • The heart of Italy - Umbria & The Marches
    The heart of Italy - Umbria & The Marches

    This is the physical and emotional heart of art and faith.  Here the old pathways taken by pilgrims cross; this was the homeland of  St. Francis of Assisi and the place where sublime painters narrated their faith with brush strokes, adorning the churches with frescoes, which even today still leave one agape.  Today we take the Olive Oil Route, “Strada ...

    5 days. from 1,608 €
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