Italia 361°. Italy's Pearls 15 Days


Italy's Pearls 15 Days


A complete tour of Italy from South to North, from the beauty of nature to the uniqueness of the artistic treasures, from the tranquillity of the tiny villages to the chaos of the large cities, from the exclusive boutiques of the most fashionable designers to the handicraft shops of the artisans who process their raw materials using ancient traditions, from typical "trattorias" with genuine food to sophisticated restaurants, … all this is Italy. And you’ll want to come back.

Type Individual - Individual - small groups
Duration 15 days / 14 nights
Price from 3,550 € per person
Main Stops Napoli (1 night) - Sorrento (2 nights) - Roma (3 nights) - Assisi (1 night) - Siena (1 night) - Firenze (2 nights) - Venezia (2 nights) - Verona (1 night) - Milano (1 night)

Private car with driver


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